Sunday, 29 April 2018

Staff Table at the Quiz Night

Last night I joined the staff table for a fund-raising quiz-night at the local infant school - the one my other half works at. I've been to countless similar functions in the past, but never as part of the staff team.

Did you know how many timezones there are in China? Or which family of animals Ladybirds belong to? I got them both wrong - as did the teachers. Phones were consulted at the end by people who cared more than me - I had drunk rather a lot by the time the scores were tallied.

I joked with those sat near me that the staff table needed to come second - that in a perfect world we should be narrowly beaten by at least one table of parents. It turns out we must live in a perfect world - because that's exactly what happened.

After a quiet walk through rain soaked streets towards home, our eldest daughter greeted us at the door. She had been at a party all evening - a party with no alcohol apparently. My fears of spending the night alongside her bed once again were allayed.

This morning I am on my second cup of coffee, and looking ahead to an end-of-season awards evening at the rugby club. Everything is slowly winding down - including dance classes, which are preparing for their end-of-year show. My other half is making costumes once again, so our house is festooned with pieces of painted foam, cardboard, and ribbon that will become props, costumes, and so on for a variety of quick-change performances. She's at a technical rehearsal this morning, tape measure in hand.

I am doing chores again. Washing clothes. Drying clothes. Drinking coffee - lots of coffee.


  1. Always so busy at the end of a school yr .... busy my way , prom shopping sport meets AP exams college applications all so fun ......

  2. Coffee is the stuff of life. A life line. I'm on my third and last one (it's only 9:30 am here...)